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    Auto Post Listings to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn Set-Up

    Last Updated: Mar 25, 2019 07:37PM UTC

    Go to Profile ➤ Auto Posting

    Read below and also watch video at the bottom for a video walk through.

    This is a one time set up, but you can edit it at anytime.

    You will be sent an email every time a listing is auto-posted to your Facebook page with a link that will let you easily view, edit, boost or run an ad for the listing.

    You will also see all auto posted listings in the 'Analytics' tab under 'Auto Posting Log' as well as in the 'Task' list for listings under 'Social Media Posts & Ads - Your Social Media'.

    Under the Preferences tab in Auto Posting, check the boxes as appropriate.

    🎯See 'How to Boost Auto Posted Listings: Leads for Under $1 in Less Than 30 Seconds!'

    CONNECT TO FACEBOOK (See screenshot below)

    Click the Facebook tab in the left column:

    1. Be sure you are logged into Facebook in another browser and click 'Connect Facebook' and let it connect. Once it says 'Connected As (Name)' you are connected.

    2. The 'Choose Pages' field will now appear, click in the field and select the pages you want your listings posted to.

    3. Click 'Copy' at the bottom of the editor on the right side.

    4. Paste into the 'Post Description' box to the left and edit as needed. 

    Tags will show variable data like {city} is city of the listing and so on.

    If you are subscribed to Listings-to-Leads Text / /IVR service, the information for that will automatically appear in the post text and the image posted.

    5.  Click 'Save'

    See example Facebook auto post here with default settings!

    When you are done, it should look something like this (see screenshot below):

    1. Facebook Auto Posting On

    2. Connected As (Name)

    3. The page or pages your listings will auto posted to are displayed.

    4. The 'Post Description' box is filled out.


    1. Repeat the same process with Twitter and LinkedIn, clicking the appropriate tabs shown below, as you did for Facebook except you will not choose any pages to post to as both Twitter and LinkedIn will post to your main page with no options for posting otherwise!

    See example Twitter auto post here     See example LinkedIn auto post here


    See the video walk through of this below. Once this is done, watch the next video here on how this all works!

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