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    Nearby Homeowners Letter

    Last Updated: Sep 06, 2019 06:18PM UTC

    Click the 'Listings' tab ➤ Click the 'Tasks' icon for the listing ➤ Click the green arrow to the far right of 'Print Marketing' ➤ choose 'Nearby Homeowners Letter' 

    See how this agent generated an extra 10 listings in 4 months using this tool! Click Here. 🏅

    Update: How to combine these with FB Ads for 4 MORE Listings! Click Here. 🏅


    The print flyers for nearby homeowners of your listings generate high-quality seller leads in ways that are unmatched by Facebook ads and many other methods! 🎯

    Mail them, drop them off or door knock! It is up to you, but they work! 🏡

    You have a unique print flyer for nearby homeowners of your listings at ever status that help increase your visability and increase your seller lead generation.

    Refer to the screenshot below regarding the following points on how to use this print flyer!

    1. You can download and print this letter 'As Is' which is what we suggest for the most part.

    2. You can click in the editor and edit this letter as needed if you want.

    3. NOTE the slider to the far right that lets you see the bottom portion of this letter.

    4. ​Click 'Send' to send this as a PDF to yourself or anyone else!

    5. Check the box to mark as done when completed.

    TIP: The more times you get these letters to nearby homeowners of your listing, the more high quality seller leads you will generate.

    You have these for all Coming Soon, Just Listed, Open House, Active,  Pending and Just Sold listings!

    So try to get these to the same group of nearby homeowners at every status as often as possible!


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