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    Essential Buyer & Seller Landing Pages to Grow Your Business

    Last Updated: Aug 29, 2019 02:42AM UTC
    Essential Landing Pages to Grow Your Business - The Basics

    See recorded webinar below that covers the information on this page!

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    The webinar below covers how to create landing pages to generate buyer and seller leads to grow your business.

    Did you know that running ads to generate buyer leads will help you generate seller / listing leads?

    Generally speaking, If people in your area do not see anything other than ads for home value estimates from you, they will have less trust and faith in you regarding home value estimates.

    Ads for listings and other things like downpayment assistance helps you not only generate listing leads by establishing your expertise, but it will also help you build a better pipeline of future business.

    Homeowners feel more comfortable dealing with someone they view as a local real estate expert so the more they see you marketing listings and other real estate related things, the more likely they are to trust you when it comes to home valuations!

    Two types of landing pages you need to grow your business and become a local area real estate expert (in addition to property valuation landing pages).

    1. Listing Landing Pages.

    Whether they are your listings or listings you borrow, marketing listings for leads is a very cost effective way to generate buyer leads AND position yourself as a local area real estate expert. You should try to market at least 2 listings at a time (yours or borrowed) so that people in your area look at you as the go to person (consumers have no idea between a listing or marketing agent!).

    If you are not sure how to borrow listings to market talk to your broker!

    See landing page examples hereComing SoonJust ListedOpen HouseActivePending & Just Sold.

    Run 2 (or more if you can) ads for listings at a time using your Listing Landing Pages to help establish yourself as a local real estate expert. 

    Homeowners pay attention to ads for listings in evaluating real estate agents!!

    See Facebook Post / Ad examples here: Coming SoonJust ListedOpen HouseActivePending & Just Sold.

    2. Downpayment Assistance / Stop Renting Start Owning Landing Pages

    For some, the pain point is how will they afford to buy a home.

    Running downpayment assistance and stop renting start owning ads / landing pages will help you reach these people to get their business.

    Partner with a local lender as needed so that you can refer these leads to them to qualify and turn back over to you once the person is ready to buy a home!

    Click the links below to see the actual landing pages created in the webinar. You can use these landing pages for inspiration or even copy/paste (if you are an active Listings-to-Leads client!) to create your own!

    Downpayment Assistance: (buyers)
    Let people know that there is downpayment assistance available to buy their home! Partner with a local lender to provide information and let them qualify the person and send back to you when they are ready to buy a home!

    See Facebook Ad / Post Example here

    Stop Renting Start Owning: with video (buyers)
    Great landing page for buyer leads targeting renters! Again, partner with your lender as needed!

    See Facebook Ad / Post Example here

    Other great landing page ideas include:

    New Construction (buyers)
    Advertising new construction is great as developers usually offer incentives with deadlines that you can use to generate more leads, and often times, the inventory is not in the MLS.

    Not only is this a great way to generate buyer leads, but it is an excellent way to establish yourself with area builders and developers.

    FREE List of Summer Camps (fill your database) Great landing page to use to get more people into your database to then market to later.

    If you are looking for a few custom ideas to generate seller leads beyond property valuation landing pages:

    Seminar for Homeowners (sellers)
    Doing a seminar or webinar for area homeowners on how to sell their home for top dollar?

    Summer Selling Market is HOT! (sellers)
    Idea from client in webinar! We like it!

    Watch the webinar, pause as needed and let us know in the mastermind group if you have success!! You may win Mastermind Post of the Week and get a $50 Credit!!


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